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Maiden World - Iron Maiden news, discussion, information and articles
About Maiden World

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The people who make it happen

Maiden World / as an entity consists of the following staff:

Jon Simpson
E-mail: jon AT maiden-world DOT com
Personal Website:
Role: Site & forum design, Scripting and database work, Partial content author

Steve Simpson
E-mail: steve AT maiden-world DOT com
Role: Content author, Forum administrator

If you have any queries or questions about portions of this website you can e-mail the most suitable contact from the list above, or use our contact form directly.

Honorary Mention goes to the Forum Moderators (BoBo, Maniac618 & Oozily) who do a great job of keeping the forums running smoothly

Our Mission

What are we trying to achieve?

To form a wide ranging collection of resources for Iron Maiden fans everywhere, consolidating every last piece of information out there into one coherent structure. Basically, if its Iron Maiden related, and it exists, we aim to have details and related information around it.

Not only this, but we're also aiming to make it easy to use, with clearly defined sections and consistent formatting on all of the materials available. Over time, we're hoping that this site can develop to be, the ultimate resource for all Iron Maiden fans.


How the site came to be

Maiden World originally began as around July 2003. It was originally a small website for the direct connect trading hub for Iron Maiden bootlegs. The site experienced a few reliability problems, and ended up being only a forum. This forum built up users from the start of August 2003 onward.

At this point, an idea was created by the staff of this site to develop the definitive Iron Maiden resource on the web, and work began swiftly on a new site, aimed directly toward all Iron Maiden fans and new members of the Maiden community. Work started toward the end of September 2003, and throughout October 2003, until the final launch of the first generation of the new site was opened on Thursday 29th October 2003.


How you & Maiden World can work together for better websites

Linking & Use of content
We encourage people to link heavily to our content and the website in general. From a webmaster's point of view, it saves you the bandwidth and time of creating & serving the pages, and also you benefit from any changes or additions we may make to improve the quality of information. Also, by linking to this site, you're supporting its growth through user participation.

This message especially goes out to the bootleg community, who replicate tracklists and cover information time and time again across the internet. We've provided a single point of reference, and its easy for you to use it. We'll be developing upon these capabilities to allow you to integrate Maiden World with your own site more easily in the near future, so stay tuned.

If you have an Iron Maiden related website, you could put a link to this website on it and we'll reciprocate by putting your website in our index of Links. We're building a collection of links to the best Iron Maiden sites on the web, and yours could be there too.

One exception to our encouragement of linking is linking directly to resources such as images or downloads. We insist that you link to our pages that contain such resources instead, because otherwise our bandwidth usage cannot be supported.

Copyright & Licencing
All formatting is held under our copyright and available only in accordance with our licencing terms & conditions. The actual site backend is also available for licencing as well, and you can e-mail us at the e-mail addresses found above for more details on licencing opportunities, or also at admin AT maiden-world DOT com.

Copyright Owners!
If you are the copyright owner of any content within this site, and would like it removed, just e-mail admin AT maiden-world DOT com, and we'll endeavour to sort the issue as soon as possible. Please also note that we do credit the copyrights of all non-Maiden World created works within our copyright notice on each page.


The software & services that make it happen

Using PHP and mySQL allowed us to make a site that is easy to update and modify, making changes easier and speeding up the overall delivery of content to users.
Web: &

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