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The Riggs Art - Logo Locations

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Derek Riggs produced many pieces of work for Iron Maiden and these can be recognised by his logo, which is in most of his art. The locations of this logo in different artworks are listed below. Iron Maiden stopped working with Riggs after his Wicker Man artwork submission was rejected, he stated that afterwards that Iron Maiden were "too hard to work with". Derek continued work and has most recently produced artwork for Stratovarius, Gamma Ray and Jackass performer Steve-O

  • Iron Maiden: the logo is on the second brick from the left, six rows down
  • Killers: in the window at the bottom on the right
  • The Number Of The Beast: just right of the Devil's ankle
  • Piece Of Mind: On the back cover, as part of a necklace held within a skeletal hand. (The signature is not on the cd version since part of the picture has been cut off)
  • Powerslave: at the enterance to the pyramid shrine, in between Eddie's legs
  • Live After Death: Open up the CD case and follow the stone path back through the center of the cemetery. There's a tombstone in the middle back there with his symbol on it. Did you notice that another tombstone behind the cat and the red rose has 'Here Lies Derek Riggs'? This painting also has religious references in it. Just look over all the crosses and tombstones, and of course the shadowy figure in the sky.
  • Somewhere In Time: The logo is on Eddie's breastplate
  • Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son: in the water (obvious)
  • No Prayer For The Dying: out in the grass somewhere OR the "dot" over the 'i' in Dying appears to be the signature
  • Fear Of The Dark: This cover was produced by Melvyn Grant
  • A Real Dead One: On the outside corner of Eddie's right eye
  • A Real Live One: On the inside of Eddie's right thigh
  • The X-Factor: This cover was created by Hugh Syme
  • Best of the Beast: The old style logo appears on the breastplate of the Somewhere in Time Eddie. The first known appearance of the "new style" logo appears on the T-Shirt of the Leather jacket wearing eddie on the left.
  • VIRTUAL XI: This cover was created by Melvyn Grant
  • Brave New World: The logo does not appear on this artwork as Derek only created the top half of the artwork. This was initially for the Wicker Man single but wasn't used. You can see the rejected cover Here
  • Dance of Death: The author of this cover is unknown, it is not Derek Riggs
  • Somewhere Back in Time: As a composite and part original work combining the 'Somewhere in Time' and 'Powerslave', the Riggs logo can be found on Eddie's chestplate as he rips through the pyramid as well as on the stone above the entrance to the pyramid (between the Eddie statue's legs). There was also originally a logo on the sand underneath the pyramid however on the final cover of the album it has been covered and removed due to titles being put over it, you can see the original version without the text here

You are here: Home > Articles > The Riggs Art - Logo Locations
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